the mrbrown show: bridge or no bridge

Photo by hengcm

A day at the beach, and a little chat about bridges.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 2 July 2009: bridge or no bridge Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 1.8mb, Time: 00:03:21)


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29 Responses to “the mrbrown show: bridge or no bridge”

  1. fm Says:

    Not Chipmunks mode again.

  2. \O.O/\-.-/ Says:

    Haha nice chipmunks!!!

  3. Nair Bluff Says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!! Hilarious!! but whats with the chipmunk voices?

  4. M-Singapore Says:

    finally a podcast! waited so long for this

  5. VFKK Says:

    Oh, no wonder I see strange lights when I was jogging at pasir ris park. I thought there was another harbour

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Why don’t you write one about MJ as a tribute to him? By the way, nice chipmunk voice!

  7. dreamer_swan Says:

    Hahaha! Very entertaining indeed! :) A million laughs! LOL!

    Searching for a job…and the meaning of life itself:

  8. hello Says:

    good one

  9. Sab Says:

    wah, hard to catch what you guys were saying :s

  10. adeline Says:

    LOL!!! FUNNY!
    U guys are just so creative!

    R u guys sure the chipmunks can not sue u leh??
    I love chipmunks but these chipmunks that eat kuah kuah
    r not the lovable type that can take jokes leh.
    They sue…favourite word for them…sue!
    I sure hope the sandcastle builder will laugh when hear your production?

    & down the road, who knows!…
    we all may just see a bridge from there to the 2 sandcastles here….or maybe 1 bridge for train and another for all other vehicles include sand vehicles from there to the sandcastleS.

  11. adeline Says:

    I wonder how Micheal Jackson will sound in your chipmunk mode…

    Maybe much better than chipmunk Har Ri.

  12. DOM the Clown Says:



  13. Dr Chan Says:

    A long wait indeed, but this topic is not that hot already. Not very sure who’s talking. Must listen a few times.

  14. fynyx Says:

    I like your natural, original voices better than the darned chipmunks’.

  15. LeeHatesCheapmonks Says:

    Eh….CheapMonks voices sounds irritating to the ears….
    Machiam flies buzzing around ur ears liao.

    Original Voice pls.

  16. smallvice585 Says:

    I can’t access any of the podcasts here today.

  17. Fail. Says:

    Oh man… no original voice. Replace by some bloodily stupid cheapmunks mechanical voice. Haiz. Excited for nth.

  18. KY_jelLee Says:

    the way lee talks is like flies buzzing around ur ears what. here’s not the right place to complain. want to complain write to

  19. no1ahbeng Says:

    You all can’t immitate Henry’s voice, is it?
    Can’t catch all the words when you use chipmunks.
    Till today, I still cannot catch the lyrics of the Chipmunks’ Christmas Song.


    Chao Chee Bai la nt very clear but i managed to hear some of the funny parts. Nice one!

  21. mb Says:

    how come no chinese podcast one? always english one

  22. DOM the Clown Says:

    您听到了吗?有听众反应要听您的华语破卡式呀!您不用到处寻找了, 我就是您那个最适合的人选了。我不但是你们新家波人最喜欢的FOREIGN TALENT, 我还是一个能说有北京腔华语的FOREIGN TALENT 呢!


    如果您要跟小弟联络, 请拨号码 - 9 998 8989。 谢谢!


  23. wtf! Says:

    wtf is the clip about?

  24. singaporean Says:

    get lost lah ah tiong… talk so much… your hu jin tao no way better wat… cant even control the freaks in urumqi!

  25. Aron Says:

    hahahaha you guys are awesome! from malaysia btw
    if u need a cookie monster or a bad english chinese voice let me know would love to help out! haha

  26. hasif Says:

    yo yo yo yo!!!!can u all make a song about cyberwellness thanks

  27. Yuske Says:


  28. Herr Flick Says:

    This is one of da best i ever heard….

  29. Iceburnt Says:

    This is one of the best episode!

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